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Rodgers Instruments Corporation is the world leader in Digital and Digital/Pipe Combination Church Organs.  Rodgers has been building quality church organs since 1958 beginning with the first transistorized organ.  Since then, Rodgers has led the industry with technological achievements and innovations that have set the standard in electronic church organ design.  As a member of the Vandeweerd Family, which is the largest builder of digital and hybrid organs in the world, Rodgers Instruments is committed to excellence by providing superior instruments with features that not only meet but exceed the expectations of organists and musicians alike.       

Some of the STANDARD features that you will find ONLY on a Rodgers Organ are:

· SSC (Sound System on a Chip) Technology: A more robust processor with proven reliability and longevity that provides more voicing options and more features than any other manufacturer on the market as well as Rodgers True-to-Life STEREO Voices.

· Rodgers exclusive AirTurn Feature: Allows hands-free page turning from your tablet.

· Performance Touch Velocity-Sensitive Keyboards: Exclusive ivory-feel, non-slip keyboards that also add dynamics to orchestral voices and pianos.

· Rodgers patented Voice-Palette System: Provides FOUR ADDITIONAL VOICES per stop-tab or draw-knob with INSTANT ACCESSABILITY.

· All LED Illumination: Provides years of maintenance–free service; no more light bulbs to change.

· Transposer –6/+5 in 1-step increments.

· MIDI In/out ports, Auxiliary In/out: Allows easy interfacing with other MIDI instruments and audio recording systems.

· Headphone Jack: A standard feature on every Rodgers organ, not “extra” or an “add-on.”

· User-Friendly MIDI System: Provides EASY and INSTANT access to MIDI voices and controls.  MIDI voice names are also visible in display.

· Two MIDI Couplers per division; Allows “layering” of MIDI voices.  

· On-board Song Recorder: Lets you record and playback your performance.

· USB Thumb-drive: Provides unlimited storage of registrations and arrangements.

· Digital Room Modeling and Digital Stereo Reverberation: Gives life-like acoustics to acoustically “dead” rooms.

· Digital Swell Shades and Digital Pipe Modeling: Provides TRUE Pipe-Organ Dynamics and are COMPLETELY adjustable.

· Automatic Tuning: Keeps the Digital Organ in tune with winded pipes.

· Rodgers Ten-Year Parts Warranty with Aethereal Church Organs Ten-Year Labor Warranty and local technician: Gives you peace of mind.

· Service-After-the-Sale: Rodgers and Aethereal Church Organs will always provide complete customer support and technical assistance to help you when you need it.  Rodgers=Assurance






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